Wednesday, November 26, 2014

3d Printed Puch 250 SGS

This model was comissioned by a goldsmith.. aparently his client loved this bike and wanted it as a pendant in gold..

Displayed here in Blender's matcap gold.

Modelled entirely in Blender using some photographic refrence material.
The final model is  quite different and this one wasnt used.. but it stayed a favorite.

    on Sketchfab

That hand break lever is a 1mm thin hair!

there was space on the build platform so i crammed in this dogtag model..


Cutting it out of the scaffolding proved to be quite a task. Usually one can just tear off the scaffolding.. its designed to break away easily.. but this time i realised that there were a lot of delicate teeny tiny details on that side.. like the kick start lever.. which as it turned out was a couple of hairs thick.. so anyway i wound up sitting with the clippers that came with the printer.. and manually clipping each and every bit of scaffolding. 

Heres the unsanded result..

Heres the Puch that was finally used by the client.. i guess i'll be printing it next :)

    puch 250 sgs 024_merged
    by Chaitanya Krishnan
    on Sketchfab

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