Sunday, February 20, 2022

Here be Paper Machines

Almost 2 decades back(2000-2004) I was a student at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology. Now 18yrs after my graduation am back as faculty! Was working with some students last week and some conversations triggered memories of my own final project.. and an offshoot of it that turned out to be more fun than the actual project it was an addon to :).

Meet the paperbots and crocobots I built during my final year at Srishti. The actual automatons are damaged and non functional now. However I dug up some gifs I made of them.

So my final year project was a pop up book for children. I appropriated an old folk tale and turned it into a post apocalyptic robotic era story. As an added bonus I designed and included a paper machine that one could assemble after reading the book. Suffice to say I had more fun designing these paper bots than working on the entire book!

Will add more details about the project here(watch this space) meanwhile you can look up the original documentation at

Here are some thumbnails from the end of final book that included the Crocobot automaton.

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