Monday, February 4, 2008

Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Thought i'd put up some screens of the game i'm currently playing- COD4 Modern Warfare. The graphics are pretty good. There is a visible improvement over the last 3 COD games, largely in terms of the detailing on character skins and props like ropes, debri and all the junked vehicles lying around. One level even had a dead cow just lying there in some bushes. All in all its the most realistic in the franchise.

lots of new highly detailed weapons

check out the detailing on the model textures

The character animation is much improved.
However the graphics still seem to be taking a toll on my graphics card, it keeps heating up and then the game freezes up for a few seconds. I read online that its much worse for other people. Of course it depends on your system config, that said i havn't had any such problems with Crysis, Bioshock or the Timeshift demo.

The gameplay definitely surpasses all previous COD games. the level loading screens are actually wher you get a stunning "visual" mission briefing. Some of the motiongraphics rival those in current hollywood movies!

It really gives you something to look forward to in the game:yes: .

one of the cool new additions, is the airial cover mission, where you'r in this heavily armed airoplane, that circles around and provides air support to ground troops. the entire mission is in either night vision or infrared(both the black n white kind). quite cool, i must say.
My favourite level currently is the first part of the sniper mission, wher you and another sniper sneak in behind enemy lines.

Theres this one place where your in a field, and theres a bunch of footsoldiers and Tanks moving in formation, heading towards you, and you have to lie flat, and let them pass by .... really nerve wracking sequence :ninja: .

I'm currently stuck in the place where i have to snipe this boss terrorist from a long distance away. right now the wind keeps causing my bullet to fly off target.
kind of geting on my nerves.

Spoiler alert:

The game as usual is divided between the two characters: british SAS and american marine. One of the surprises was that the american character that you play as actually dies in the course of the game!

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