Friday, February 8, 2008

Doodles and ideas for WIF

several people have asked me for this, so here it is. some of the actual doodles, and sketched ideas for the WIF preselections last month... of course these are only my sketches:p , not the sketches of the other 3 members of the group, which is why it may not seem substantial enough.
i've also included screenshots of other things that inspired me at the time.

anyway here we go

this was just after we were given the theme and took a few minutes to gather our thoughts.
After doodling a couple of hydro creatures(don't ask why one of em is in a spider walker), i started thinking about making a puzzle game,

simillar to the "hacking" mini games in Bioshock. Basically you go around dropping these pipe sections in the right slots, so that you can get water from point 'A' to 'B' ....

it could even be a series of curious looking images, on each one you have to click on something to make it work..and then move onto another frame or image. kindo of like

the Samorost online games by amanita design.

anyway, moving on

The next idea was a group idea(can't remember who had it). basically you have a barren landscape, and you can click to pour water on seed like objects or creatures, to make them grow.

anyway this was the idea, that we decided to explore, and so i started doing some concept sketches of the plant objects...

some of the black coloured plants were remeniscent of the patapon characters, so i decided to try something else..

From then on we moved onto the computers, after an hour of experimenting, vinil came up with this look and feel for the land, that we all liked.

after that i used some pics of trees and saplings to create these trees that were more appropriate for this look and feel

and then we sort off just worked through the night:zzz: :cool:

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