Wednesday, September 17, 2008

doodles: periscope eyes, Eye dice

mr big periscope eyes by ~chaitanyak on deviantART

Eye Dice by ~chaitanyak on deviantART


anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:heyyyy realy cool drawings...did u do them on the comp. or on like a sketch pad?....and is there a way i can subscribe 2 ur blog?

chaitanyak said...

i do most of my digital doodles on my phone. its a windows mobile device i blogged about it a while back ( ). i use vspaint most of the time, but theres a few other painting tools too.thank you for the interest. :)you can subscribe to my blog's RSS feed by going to the main blog page and scrolling to the bottom... there should be a rss link.or you can use this: has a built in RSS feed reader, which is what i use to keep track of other blogs, but you can use whatever you like.

anonymous said...

transformersconcert writes:cool. i love periscopes.

chaitanyak said...

:) thanks man, me too

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