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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Giant 3d text in Fringe

Of all the new shows that started this year, Fringe isn't my favourite... X-files fan that i am. and this show being a polar opposite to the x-files when it comes to paranoia and conspiracies.

However i do like watching the trippy "fringe science" cases that they deal with in each episode, and i love the Giant 3d text. I like the way its all camera tracked and has seemingly accurate lighting and reflections.. thumbs up to the guys behind it. Its eerie the way the First-person-view camera sometimes, walks or drives through it.

I really love the Giant 3d text! here's some examples of the good ones from the those i've seen so far(warning big images). note: all images are property of the creators of the show.

the show titles are nice too...


anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:is it possible to get a font like this online for downloading?

chaitanyak said...

a 3d font? hmm... you'll have to use a normal non 3d font and make it 3d yourself.. both illustrator and coreldraw can do that these daysif your working with non video... for video use a 3d software like 3ds max or xsi..some cool fonts can be found at

chaitanyak said...

also remember that for the kind of effect shown in the stills above, you have to do a lot of camera tracking, so that the angles of the text matches the surroundings in the video. Camera tracking is practically an art... and a very tedious and time consuming process. more on it-

anonymous said...

Christopher writes:For those looking, here's tracking software that may help you recreate this type of effect:'s called PFTrack by PixelFarm

chaitanyak said...

cool, thanks for the link