Wednesday, January 23, 2008

google maps + my maps

Was looking at the google maps API today... thought i might be able to play with it..
after a few minutes of reading the refrence material i realised it would take a while to figure out. then i remembered this old feature in gmaps called "my maps" which i had discovered months ago.

I'd marked a few places and travel routes on it back then...and then forgotten all about it.
a lot of improvements have been made since then. for one, you can now add custom icons:yes: .
which as you can see, ive done..

but what really impressed me was that you can export it as an xml file and rename it to ".kml" to use in google earth! :cheers: and the lines and markers matchup pretty accurately!:idea:

anyway heres my experimental page where ive been messing around with both technologies:
chaitanyak's maps

the small map on top is the map using google maps API
the larger one is the google "my maps" map.

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