Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Made it to the Finals

Wow! My team is one of the 4 indian teams going to the wif 2008 finals in Limoges from April 17th to 19th, 2008!

heres the full list of the 40 finalists from around the world. here's the newly added page with links to all their entries(thanks to WIF admins for putting it up).

These are the indian teams that made it:

1st December
this was my favourite, i just knew it would get this team to the finals. The site has vibrant colour compositions and is visually very detailed. Amazing considering it was done in just 24 hrs.

Apparatus Media
This was probably the most well "finished" website at the preselections. I remember these guys actually finished almost an hour before everyone else. One of the team members is Shiva, i know him from back when i was at art school. His wife Devika did a short course for my class on paper craft(actually we also used other materials). later on in my first year of communication Design Shiva did a course on magazine layout design. that was my first experience with information design and planning layouts. was great to see him here.:coffee:

Chicken Scratch
Unfortunately i don't know much about these guys. Their jaltarang idea is awesome. I remember hearing all these sounds and tones coming from one of the nearby tables at the pre-selecitons in bangalore, now i know where they got used. :)

Flip Design
My team was made up of Arvind, Vinil, Bala and myself.

I've known Arvind since Art school, He was the only one who cycled all the way to the Srishti Campus. That gave me the idea to try it, and then we were cycling buddies for a few years. He later introduced me to flash and gave me a quick crash course, which started me off creating my first animation short about a mutant dog after that i did a bunch of other stuff :zip:
Oh i almost forgot, back in the day we colaborated on some really wacky animation shorts, like these:
The Old Door

attack of the helmet

Uncle Sam 711
(ok in hindsight this one was a bit mean :zip: )

I met Vinil through Arvind, they are childhood buddies. He's been a designer way longer than any of us and has tons of experience doing all kinds of wacky stuff. He's also married to one of my original classmates, Arthi from srishti and they have an awesome little son named Aryan.
Vinil's my local source of "build" videos, anything from Orange County Choppers, to Junkyard Wars, and A Bike is Born, he's got it all. His latest collection on Airbrushing Techniques is what gave me the initial push to go and paint my laptop :yes: . Glad to have this guy on my team.

Bala is our coder extraordinaire. Pretty much any wacky idea we come up with, he usually finds a way to make it work... even if it means re-inventing the wheel a lot of the time. Recently ive worked on a bunch of really cool website and game projects:
C.I.A website and games for Pogo TV
M.A.D website and games for pogo TV
and a bunch of others you can find here:

Best of luck to all the other teams competing! looking forward to meeting you all in april :)
hmm, now i have to check if my passport is valid:nervous: , and then figure out what travel documents i'l be needing:whistle: .

I had forgotten to mention the organisers here at bangalore, so heres a quick edit.
The team from R & K were a big help, especially jaydeep and narayan. Thanks guys, really appreciate all that you did to make this possible :) .
Also Thanks to The Park hotel, for the fine hospitality.


anonymous said...

Aude (Falbala) ;-) writes:

Congrats for this good article!I personnally liked all the Indian entries! So proud of you all guys and a big thank to Jaydeep and his team for the organization.Guys, looking forward to seeing you in April! Bring posters, Indian flags and stuff like...I want a special focus on India ;-)Very soon more news about the festival: conferences, recruitment speed meetings, netwroking nights...

chaitanyak said...

thanks for the support :)

anonymous said...

Jaydeep@R+K writes:

Well written - would be great if you can write one on how the competition went - how you guys came up with the idea - the executions, the problems and the triumphs. Would be great to have views from other team members too.Thanks for crediting R+K, Aude :)J

chaitanyak said...

good idea Jaydeep, will do that soon. I should have recorded the design process online during the event. Anyway have my notes and doodles, will put something up.Maybe i'll keep blogging live during the finals(doubt it :ko: will have my hands full). most likely one of us will take pics more regularly and keep posting them every now and then.