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Monday, January 21, 2008

other contestants at the WIF2008 preselections india

heres a list of the other WIF2008 entries from india that i have found online so far
keep in mind that these had to be slapped together in 24hrs, so there may be some bugs or gliches:whistle: here and there... some may even be incomplete:insane: . What matters is that these guys took the time to compete, i'm sure there are plenty of other designers out there who will say that they could have done a better job...well they didn't show up:irked: .



Srishti school of art design and tech

Apparatus_Media -the most "finished" looking one ive seen so far

Team Rang

this one could be a winner:
Team 1st December

- really good one.. has my nomination for sure :)

Team Slant 90

Team Synergy

Team Crypt

and heres the one i worked on :)
Team Flip

will add more as i find them..

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