Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finished Timeshift singleplayer campaign

Incase you didn't know, heres what Timeshift looks like

The game basically takes the hyperspeed mechanic from F.E.A.R (sample footage from F.E.A.R.) and takes it a little further. Including adding some puzzles, that can only be cleared by using your character's time controlling abilities. One of my favourites is this mechanical elevator that you have to crank manually to make it go up to the next floor... the moment you let go of the crank it slides back down. basically you have to crank it up.. then let it drop down, then stand in the elevator and rewind time... and you ride the elevator back up! :D
Apart the levels themselves are fairly massive, so it was fun to play through.
another favourite of mine was the airship level

You basically use yr timeshifting ability to stop, or slowdown enemy aircraft while you rip them to shreds.

heres some more in game footage

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