Saturday, March 21, 2009

teaching myself blender3d : game engine

After today's 30 minutes at blender3d i actually had a working "3d game" level! :hat:

I used my model from yesterday, added a few of the controls.. added keyboard and mouse controls, o move it around a simple 3d space with a few objects to interact with(cubes for collisions, jump ramp..etc.)
even figured out how to make the camera track the object as it moved arround.

I love the intuitive drag and drop programming workflow.. i know it would be incredibly tedious to do an entire FPS or racing game like this, but for simple demos, and stuff like that its great. Perfect for anyone with no coding background whatsoever. :coffee:

As usual i just followed the tutorials here but used my own models, and went a little beyond the scope of the tutorial itself.
Before i could start using my model i first had to fix some of the "normals" so that the model rendered properly in the game engine's textured view.

it was as simple as selecting the vertices around the faulty areas and hitting Ctrl+N to reset the normals :cheers:

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