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Friday, May 14, 2010

Brilliant stuff coming from the Blender community!

I've regularly blogged about my escapades with the FOSS's favourite 3d animation software- Blender.. well someone asked me if anything worthwhile had actually been accomplished with Blender and people in the community.. and after giving him this list.. i decided to post it here as well :)

Get a load of this crazy brilliant stuff under production in the blender community!!
Well the ones i liked the most anyway..
(for the entire list of Blender film projects head over here)

first up..KAJIMBA!!!!!

Kajimba - snippets from Kajimba on Vimeo.

more videos and a large really cool desktop wallpaper at

and then theres this.. Project London

Project London: Multiply Teaser from Phil McCoy on Vimeo.

This looks like its going to be a lot of fun.. sort of like Guy Richie meets District 9(atleast thats what i get from the trailer) :cool: love the way the cg is beautifully composited into the video footage.. awesome.
more videos and other stuff at Theres also a graphic novel beig done by branson anderson thats apparently going to be something worth waiting for too. anyway all the visuals on the site blew my mind and this is one "no-budget" film i will be waiting for at the edge of my seat.
they also have a pretty good NING community
Visit Project London

Then theres the ones which don't really have trailers yet, but tons of other goodies to sift through at their Durian's Sintel...which is a real community project(like Project London),

coz small time blender users like myself can actually contribute to it..occasionally(check their blog to know how)!!
and something i just found today.. Llorona


In case you've been living under a rock or are not familliar with cg and vfx happenings, these are a few of my favorite completed Blender projects..

Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny from T.H. on Vimeo.


Murnau the Vampire

MURNAU THE VAMPIRE (2007) Oscar Alvarado´s from Oscar Alvarado on Vimeo.

and many more like Elephant's dream that you can check out here.

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