Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Just finished COD MW5 last week.. and the next one is now announced!

So whats it got?
From what you see in the video..
the rappelling down and shooting out windows bit seems like another hostage rescue type mission part..
theres the Modern Warfare standard helicopter crash.. and more cool sniping to be done
Crossbow with exploding bolts has been added. If you played and loved timeshift or gearsofwar like me, this might become your most used weapon.. or not

Theres an SR71 Blackbird featured.. perhaps you get to fly/shoot from it.. or perhaps its like the space station scene in MW2.

Story seems to be either a prequel or sequel to the events in MW1 and 2 .. the whole conspiracy thing in MW2 seems to be the staple of this new story.

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