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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playing- Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare2 !!

Finally aquired a copy of COD MW2 and started playing it on sunday.. after two days of intense gaming and completing quite a few awesome levels :)

The story continues a few years after the events in COD4 where in the finale Captain John Price and Soap McTavish manage to kill Imran Zakhaev. Soap is now a NPC(non playable character) in COD:MW2 but apparently you get to play him in the final few levels. Captain John Price was apparently captured and rotting in a russian gulag.. and one of the best missions i've played so far was where we have to rescue him. Infact this level has so far had the most varied kind of gameplay.. from sniping prison guards from the hovering choppers, and then dropping in and storming it.. using riot shields.. fighting against guards with riot shields.. breaching a wall and then the spectacular extraction maneuver :yes:

The over arching story thus far has been:
Russians pin a terrorist attack on an compromised undercover CIA operative, thus giving them ample reason to declare war on the US.. and consequently a massive nightmarish invasion begins.. washington and several other major locations get hammered..

and of course.. the International Space Station (ISS) gets taken out.

the new additions that ive loved so far are the hostage rescue bits.. basically you place an explosive charge on a door or wall, blow it, rush in.. and then you have a few "slow-mo" seconds to take down the bad guys without hitting the good guys.. :) loved this gameplay.

the other brilliant addition is the Predator drones, that are sometimes available.. you can use them to bomb bad guys/vehicles etc.. as they close in on your location

will probably finish the single-player campaign tonight or in a couple more days tops :happy:

Finished it last night :( was a totally epic experience! :cheers: but short :worried:
can't say much without spoilers.. so won't. :whistle: :zip: (you'l probably look it up on the interwebs i suppose) but take my word for it, play the game! The ending is brilliant.

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