Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stargate Universe s1 Epic Cliffhanger!

Just saw the last episode of SGU season1!

will have to wait till the next season to find out who survives.. i guess they all will. but looks pretty bleak for most of them right now. A group from the Lucian Alliance had managed to get onboard the Destiny a few episodes ago.. and this is what follows.

-Col. Young and the rest of the SG troops are about to be executed.

as the Lucian Alliance guys try to round up the injured soldiers for execution an sgc soldier scuffles with one of the guards, and his SMG goes off... spraying the whole room.

-Pregnant TJ and a bunch of people in the sickbay are down in pools of blood after the crazy gunfight.
-Lt. Scot and Sgt. Greer are stuck outside in their space suits .. sprinting accross to the otherside of the ship where hopefully Eli will be able to let them back in

-Chloe passes out as Eli has to leave her and run down numerous corridors to get to the airlock that scot and greer are heading for.

-The Lucian Alliance group's commander, Kiva is down and that means she probably won't make the only medic on board - TJ is unconcious.
-Col.Telford(Lou Diamond Phillips) appears to be dead.

Wow.. this was the best writing theyve done for an episode all season(with the exception of the episode "Time" which has apparently even won awards). hope they keep it up throughout season 2 that thankfully comes out in october! so i don't have to wait the usual 6-8 months between seasons :) :hat:

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