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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why my next console will be an XBOX

Here are the top reasons why my next cgaming console will be an Xbox.

#1 - Microsoft Natal
I've had my Wii for the last few years.. love it and zelda and metroid prime..

but..frankly have got tired of waving "nunchucks" when there arn't any realistic combat games (that i like) on the platform. Time to move on. Plus the graphics on the Xbox are in a different league.

#2 - I have a psp (love it).. running custom firmware(love it too)..
and am aware that it is tough to get this kind of customisability on the PS3.. so after playing on a nintendo platform and then a sony platform(albiet handheld) its time to try out the xbox.
(for more on this custom psp skin i did click here)

#4 - I'm a game designer, and eventually would like to fool around with Microsoft XNA some time in my game designing lifetime.

#5 - I love gears of war. Have only played the first installment on my PC. Since the sequels arn't coming out on PC anytime soon, the only way i'l be able to get my GOW fix will be on the Xbox.

Now exactly when am I going to get one? .. Gaaad Knows


but it won't be before my next gaming PC. I can guarantee that much. :whistle:

:::UPDATE:::June14, 2010
Microsoft just announced the New Xbox and Microsoft Kinect(originally Project Natal) bundle costs Rs18000
...may actually be in my budget after all :D !

pics of the new xbox at gizmodo
separate xbox with 250gmb storage and built in wifi- Rs 14000 (available June20th 2010 latest)
kinect- @Rs7000 (available Nov4 2010)

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