Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blender recap

A bunch of interesting stuff has been happening in the world of Blender.. thought i'd do a combined post.

The render farms
First up the new renderfarms that have been cropping up. Opensource, community driven, grid computing-esque services.
Theres which integrates really well with Blender 2.5alpha2 ..they have a special edition of blender 2.5 that does this.

it uses my old favourite Boinc(see my previous posts on this) to distribute the workload accross people's computers. the system allows people with no knowledge or experience in CG to take part in a full blown CG producion! :)
the only caveat is that they are allowed to use what footage is rendered on their machine.. which is not a big issue for most people in the opensource community, but will be a problem for those working on commercial projects for certain clients.

Second one i found is which is not free. ALL rendering at BlenderRenders costs just 7 cents per gigahertz-hour, with no minimum.

another commercial one is which supports Luxrender and Yafray

am yet to try any of them..

anyway, now for The films
Endre BarĂ¡th’s short movie ‘A Very Little Warrior‘ looks really good.

He's got a lot of stunning stills and brilliant "how-tos" over at his site - Don't miss the Hi def version of the movie(links on his site). here's the version he's put on youtube.

I love the dreamy bloom lighting! :) keep it up Endre! :cheers:

Sintel is almost done! I posted about it a while back, here. The first screening will be on Sunday, July 18th, 20:30h and 21:30h more on that here.
heres a timelapse video of one of the last busy weeks-

More good news about Sintel is... THE GAME! created in Blender by a small group of experienced blender users and artists. they just put up the site/blog and there are some pretty neat in-game stills to be seen. no video yet.

so head over to now!

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