Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finished Wolverine and the Xmen

Finally watched .. and finished the first(and apparently only) season of Wolverine and the Xmen.

Of all the xmen franchises, including the other animated series, this is my favorite. Am sort of puzzled at the fact that a show this good got canceled because of financial funding issues! :(

Anyway, about the show itself -

Its not like the previous (especially the more recent ones)animated series, because unlike them it doesn't rely on overdosing the viewer with gazillion characters.. and "formula" plot lines.

This time round they actually got it right! they stuck with a limited list of "Goodguy" characters.. comprising some of my favourites anyway - Wolverine, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Beast, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Angel(Later gets turned into Archangel by Sinister), Iceman, Rogue, Forge and Storm as the primary "present day" X-men you get to see.

Then Theres the Xmen in the future, led by Bishop, Prof Xavier(not in a wheelchair anymore), Marrow, Rover(reprogrammed Sentinal), Vanisher, Domino and others

The Badguy list is more extensive, but they are used sparingly. they comrise-
1)The Brotherhood of mutants- Quicksilver, Blob, Toad, Avalanche(with a beard and weird accent) and Domino.
2)Magneto.. at Genosha(yes you get to see quite a bit of Genosha) and a few henchmen like mystique.. wanda and lorna are there, but theyre not badguys.. just eyecandy and love interests :)
3)Marauders- Sinister, MultipleMan, Archangel and a few others with bit parts
4)Hellfire Club
5)Mojo and Spiral
6)Weapon X - Maverick, Sabertooth,
8)Apocalypse- appears once and then later at the season cliffhanger. The ill fated season2 was to be about the age of Apocalypse.

Having fewer characters to work with is what probably allowed the writers to develop what turned out to be pretty decent overall script in the end.. They even managed to squeeze in some half decent plots involving-

-Sinister acquiring DNA samples from Jean Grey and Scot Summers
-Angel's transformation into Archangel
-Emma Frost joining the Xmen and showing interest in Scot Summers
-Wolverine and Mystique's past
-Wolverine and his Japanese past
-Wolverine and X23 variants
-Master Mold's origins
-Lots of Nightcrawler action
-Psylocke messes with a traffic cop
-Lorna becomes Polaris

The artwork is a mix of the established style from Xmen Evolution, and more classic comic costumes.. Thankfully Emma frost looks as hot as in the comics and not that cruddy thing they did in the last live action movie avatar of her.

For all fellow Frost fans out there, animated Emma Frost has never looked better.

Most will of course agree that she's always looked best in print. tis a pity.

The Show is a must watch for any Xmen fan, and i found it quite accurately translating the content from print to screen. Well most of the time anyway. The Primary Plot has Xavier in a coma. Wolverine being warned by Xavier(from the future) about an impending war between mutants and humans that both sides loose leaving the sentinels in charge blah blah.. basically he keeps trying to get wolverine to prevent events, that cause the war, from happening..

They do succeed in the end and avert the post-apocalyptic-sentinel-controlled future from happening..
however theres now a new alternate future occuring - The Age of Apocalypse.

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