Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tutorial: how to run Android on your HTC device

A step by step tutorial is at the official wing linux wiki
heres the video of the same

please note: Wing Linux is a work in progress, as such a lot of features are unavailable at the moment.
for the pharos this is the status of functionality so far-

phone-functionality-wise sms/texting works, calls can be made and recieved, however the device can not playback audio from the other end.. though they can hear you :yikes: hope they fix that soon. I havn't managed to get gprs to work yet.

check your specific device's status at this page to know what works and what doesn't.

This covers the following devices:
HTC Artemis
HTC Elf, HTC Elfin
HTC Excalibur, T-Mobile Dash
HTC Gene, HTC P3400
HTC Herald, T-Mobile Wing
HTC Opal, HTC Touch Viva
HTC Pharos
HTC Prophet
HTC Startrek
HTC Wizard
Asus P320, Galaxi Mini

For other devices, the process will vary...
following are those devices and links to resources(tutorials, download, wiki etc.)

for more recent HTC devices like
Touch Pro (Fuze, RAPH, RAPH800, RAPH500)
Touch Diamond (DIAMOND, DIAM500)
GSM Touch Pro2 (TILT2,RHODIUM, RHOD400, RHOD500)
GSM Touch Diamond2 (TOPAZ)
go to

a more extensive list is here at
it lists solutions for a wide range of devices including Sony and Samsung models.


anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:hOw muCh TyM it takes ? meanx reoOting ?

chaitanyak said...

Originally posted by anonymous:hOw muCh TyM it takes ? meanx reoOting ?depends on your device's sluggishness.. for my current android device rooting takes 5-10min.please note, this tutorial is for getting android to rn on a windows mobile device. since the device didn't have android to begin with ,there was no rooting was involved.installing android on it and launching it the first time took over an hour