Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flip Pixel Mobile flash games

Here the first two flashlite games by our gameing team at Flip design.

heres the official mobile browser friendly page

you'll find two games there for now, more will be added shortly.
download links to pc and mobile are provided.

The first game is a Double Trap shooting game(a shotgun shooter), based on the olympic sport.

The other is a turn based group(6 player) game for parties and get togethers.
A bit like russian roulette, but here the winner has to have a drink!


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Latest Model

Press the play button to view a 3d model, click/touch and drag to ROTATE, scroll/pinch to ZOOM.
Select the next model from the thumbnails below it.

Note: If your device gets sluggish hit the "X" button in the top corner of the 3d viewer to unload the 3d model

Old Crone Gator

Heres the old crone gator I was working on. Started with an exploration of techniques in Blender, ranging from box modelling, using the skin...