Friday, October 3, 2008

PocketGravity 0.02

Found this great app a while back, but only started playing around with it yesterday during a power outage :)

Basically its a physics symulator for your pocket pc/ win mobile phone. In my case it runs quite smoothly on my HTC Pharos.

It has some basic tools for creating rigid and movable rectangles and circles. It also has a linking system so you cna link a few objects together. and then you just hit play and watch the fun. you can alos manipulate graviy for some added "drama" :cheers:
Download this awesome app here

if you dont have a windows mobile device, don't fret just head over to for some in browser physics action.

it may not work in some browsers, in which case it will work outside the browser in a java interface of somekind. anyway it runs on your windows pc(dunno about other platforms...check the site) and has more advanced tools.

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Latest Model

Press the play button to view a 3d model, click/touch and drag to ROTATE, scroll/pinch to ZOOM.
Select the next model from the thumbnails below it.

Note: If your device gets sluggish hit the "X" button in the top corner of the 3d viewer to unload the 3d model

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