Friday, October 10, 2008

new Prince of Persia game videos

Trailers of the new Prince of Persia game

Developer walkthrough:

Prince of Persia (2008) storyline
The game begins with the new Prince, a wanderer and an adventurer, returning home with a treasure he earned on his last adventure. His plans to spend this wealth on women and liquor are, however, thwarted by a sudden fierce sandstorm. When it subsides, the Prince finds himself in a garden of mythical beauty, dominated by a massive Tree of Life at its center. The Prince soon meets a girl named Elika and teams up with her. Together, they venture to the center of the grand oasis, only to witness the destruction of the Tree and the freeing of Ahriman, an ancient god of darkness who starts corrupting the lands with evil. With the aid of Elika and her newfound powers, the Prince takes up arms against Ahriman's corruption, in an attempt to drive it back and cleanse the world. -sourced from wikipedia

pic of the new prince:

pic of the new female character- Elika:

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Latest Model

Press the play button to view a 3d model, click/touch and drag to ROTATE, scroll/pinch to ZOOM.
Select the next model from the thumbnails below it.

Note: If your device gets sluggish hit the "X" button in the top corner of the 3d viewer to unload the 3d model

Old Crone Gator

Heres the old crone gator I was working on. Started with an exploration of techniques in Blender, ranging from box modelling, using the skin...