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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fish eye lens

Been fiddling with a few camera apps on my phone.. heres some stuff i shot with FxCamera
basically the app comes with 5-6 presets, heres what they look like-

just adds a polaroid frame. interesting, if you blog from your device and want to be able to put up pics that are in polaroid frames :D

2)Toy Camera

hmm this thing does some image processing and well.. you can see what the colors look like.. has that crazy saturated vintage look when photographers used to shoot with UV film during the day :)

3)Fisheye(my favourite)

another image processing thing.. this time it warps the image to give you a digital fish eye effect, that pretty effectively simulates the effects of a physical fisheye lens.

4)Andy Warholizer

don't think i'l ever use this


this basically takes one side of the screen and then mirrors it..

6) normal mode
Thought i'd mention normal mode, coz i actually found one very interesting use for it today! Basically if you find your regular camera app not launching, because its busy with another task like say.. "reading SD card" you can use FxCamera to take pictures instead! i ended up in this situation today, when i yanked my phone away from the computer and disconnected the usb cable, while the sd card was mounted on the pc!.. took android to read the sd card an exceptionally long time.. in the meantime the camera app refused to launch. however FxCamera launched and was able to save the pics i took to the sd card!.

final verdict time..

What i liked about this app:
- 4 cool filters for your photos
- Auto focus control
- Easy ways to save, share and rotate photos

what i didn't like.. or wish it had:
- Can't undo a filter and get the original photo :(
- Can't apply filters to already taken photos :(
- no video shooting option

Another useful app is the Vignette Demo, which can do some pretty neat vintage effects and gives you a lot more control on the effects themselves.. but its not free.

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