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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Someone broke My Sabertooth Tiger Skeleton!

Was looking at some old pics from around the studio with a friend.. and then happened upon one which had my old Saber Tooth tiger Skeleton. the one i picked up in Belgium in 2008. the one seen fully intact in the pic below and in this old post

so anyway we realised that this awesome thing had been missing from my desk for the last few months.. so i started hunting for it. Remembered that one of the previous interns had "borrowed" it and other simillar curios from my desk while working on a project where she designed a toy for us.. and i hadn't seen it since then...the intern finished her internship and left a while back.. soo i started looking through a cupboard where her old work had been stashed.. and found this hidden away in a plastic bag :no: -

well ok it was a lot more dis-assembled .. and only after assembling it.. did i discover that the spinal column had been SNAPPED! :furious:

closer inspection revealed the severity of the damage.. one of the connector pegs had snapped off and was jammed in its corresponding socket..

so basically the only fix is to use super glue or something. :cry: darn it.

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