Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OK Go + dogs = Awesome

If you like the Grammy award-winning rock band Ok Go..
and if you love dogs..
this video will make your day

Directed by Trish Sie and OK Go - Produced by Shirley Moyers
animal stunts by Lauren Henry and Roland Sonnenburg and their team of trainers from Talented Animals

"The one shot video features the band members performing choreographed actions with minimal props alongside a number of trained dogs and one goat, with the actions set in time to the song. Sie thought that in considering the success of the treadmill video, "wouldn’t it be kind of cool if this time the guys were the machines and they’re enabling and operating the dogs". Sie's idea for the "White Knuckles" video followed shortly after the completion of the treadmill video, just prior to the 2006 Video Music Awards. The band considered the idea "absurd and awesome", and a routine was developed in 2009 using only three live animals, with stuffed animals as stand-ins. The song "White Knuckles" includes the words "paw" and "pet", matching up to the visuals of the video.

One dozen dogs and the goat were provided and trained by Talented Animals, with head trainer Lauren Henry; all of the dogs were from animal rescue shelters.[2][3] Part of the requirement of the band was that the shot had to be performed in a single take, a feat that Roland Sonnenburg, a spokesperson for Talented Animals, said was "not bloody likely" to happen..."
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