Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Android can control my PC now!

Today i decided to explore the many pc controlling apps available for android..

I'd already given Gmote a spin a few days back..

its a nice little free app that lets you play almost any media file on your pc.. basically it acts as a remotecontrol/file browser in the palm of your hand.

you can get it here . You need to get the android app through the marketplace(search for "gmote") and install the gmote server on the pc you want to control.
The interface is practically spartan in design, but has pretty much all you need. I earlier wrote about Windows Mobile Sideshow, this experience is largely identical.. except that it works over wifi.. so no glitchy bluetooth pairing required. Gmote server uses vlc player to decode and playback the videos, hence it supports pretty much every mainstream format.. you can also stream the media to your phone, as long as its one of the compatible formats that your phone can play.

The next one i tried was android2cloud..
its an app that integrates itself into yout handheld's browser.. so that while browsing any site, you can go to the "share" menu and send it to the chrome browser on your desktop! more on it here

You can find it on the market by searching for "android2cloud" and then also install the chrome extension for your desktop browser from here

then you just have to give it your gmail id, and authorise it.. and its ready to go.

theres also an app that does the reverse, its called chrometophone and you can get it here.

Personally i find it more useful to be able to send a url from my mobile to my desktop.. but thats just me..

And finally
This crazy app becomes an external trackpad and keyboard for your pc!

its pretty amazing, also seems to support some multitouch.. more info and dowload here.


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