Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eternity's Child

Picked up a new game on Steam after a loooong time.
its called Eternity's Child.

It was available for $4.99 (Rs. 212.92) so i couldn't resist it. especially after seeing the screenshots.
Its a typical side scroller with mouse aimed shooting and keyboard controlled characters. for this price you get a 20level chapter1 (with more to be added on via steam for FREE) and a level editor!! yipee.

The story comes in the form of a longishh writeup(like in starwars)... about a world where the inhabitants cause a lot of pollution and then you have a greenhouse effect induced flood... after which the remaining inhabitants turn the whole planet into a robotic planet, with robotic creatures... sounds cool so far..

..and then you just jump into the game! hmm. hope there some cinematics later on. The game didn't appear to have any difficulty level selector and i have to admit the default setting is a bit "difficult" for me. Then again this isn't my genre of choice anyway. I just got it coz i liked the art and the price.

more on the game here

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