Thursday, August 21, 2008

MCA: Medium Combat Aircraft

This is a prototype for India's first stealth plane the MCA.

Whats note worthy is the tail-less design and thrust-vectoring nozzle tech.
The idea of creating a model was suggested to me by horneyvirus over at youtube who saw some of my other 3d work.
i figured since no one else has made a model and posted it online yet, i might as well do the honours.
I only had a basic diagram to work with,

so I took some creative liberties in certain places.
more info on the plane here:


anonymous said...

Peteris writes:

Excellent.However, I feel that you've dampened the sex appeal of the design. The fuselage with the bulging contours of the twin engines is very masculine. It's even faintly reminiscent of claspers.

chaitanyak said...


anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:I dont like the tailess design. It looks like a monkey without tail. The tail adds to the looks. If Rafale and Eurofighter can have one why cant MCA.

chaitanyak said...

this is a very old design, its been refined now.. to incorporate tail fins

anonymous said...

Sanjay writes:I think this design is very clean, and very pure.Tailless and thrust vectoring together mean this is a very extreme design.If they could make it work it would be stealthier than any other fighter and also manouverable with thrust vectoring.Only the X-36 could compare to this design.

chaitanyak said...

reduced number of planes effects the maneuverability of aircraft (look at the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber..actually thats not a good example coz its a bomber :O ).. this tail less design would only be viable if existing thrust vectoring tech were top notch.. currently no aircraft has that kind of capabilities.and honestly if thrust vectoring tech was all that precise, we'd have extremely maneuverable flying saucers with no control planes whatsoever..but then again mankind has always been obsessed with reducing control planes in fighter aircraft.. just see the evolution from.. tri-planes, to bi-planes.. and to the modern day aircraft :)

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