Sunday, August 3, 2008


This is now the best 3d game i have on my winmobile! :D
In this racing game you race maglev racing vehicles through these cool tunnels. there are no guns so far... but the racing is pretty damn good anyway.
the graphics are stunninmg compared to all the other 3d games ive tried out on this platform so far.
here are some screenshots from the interweb:

the textures are much smoother on my device with al the graphics settings switched on.
more on the game here.

Those of you who like myself have a psp and have definitely played Wipeout , this is for you if your looking for something simillar on your pocketpc. Of course graphics wise the wipeout series are lightyears ahead of anything on pocket pcs right don't ditch your psp yet. :rolleyes:

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