Friday, August 1, 2008

Interactive 3d turntable of my alien skeleton

Last weekend i modelled an alien skeleton and posted some wallpapers of it.

model of Alien skeleton by ~chaitanyak on deviantART

well heres a 3d interactive turntable of the model.

[Upload your own video]

you can also click here to see it at deviantart

heres a youtube video of the same


anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:

how did you make that interactive turntable? did you do it in flash. I wanted to add somthing like this for my 3d models on my site. write me back at i'd like to talk to you about how you set something like this up.

chaitanyak said...

i think i found the tutorial here

chaitanyak said...

have mailed you a file you can use. just follow the instructions

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