Friday, August 22, 2008

Photosynth is open to public!

I saw this a while back(almost a year) found it via a TED talk.
Basically the photosynth system can recognize and match images, to create a 3d environment that you can explore from your pc...

anyway theyve now gone public beta.

that means you and me can now upload our own images and see what happens!

heres the first few things i tried:
note:- open them in Internet Explorer, for now the plugin only works smoothly (if at all) in IE. hopefully an opera compatible plugin will appear soon.

a room at work

some 3d objects from around the office

heres the TED talk where i saw it a year back


anonymous said...

Nathanael Lawrence writes:

Greetings.I know I'm commenting on old news, but I just thought I'd point out that Photosynth also works in Firefox (and consequently Flock) as well. I look forward to Opera support as well, although I haven't heard anything announced.Cheers!

chaitanyak said...

good to know ! :)