Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quad-Centaur: my entry in the "Wacky Video Game Characters" challenge

Am taking part in a cg challenge over at
the theme is "Wacky Video Game Characters" .
The goal is to produce an image that has to look awesome on a stereoscopic 3D monitor (the main sponsor's product)

Winners Prizes

First Prize - $599.99 - iZ3D 22" Monitor

Second Prize - $200+ - AMD 4850 GPU or better (depending on availability)

Third Prize - $300+50 - 50% discount on iZ3D monitor + Flatout 2 Game DVD

Four Runner-ups - $45 each - one Unreal Tournament 3 Game DVD (by Epic Games) each

anyhoo, heres my entry so far:

am building a robot centaur :p like character..

more detailed WIP(Work In Progress) images and concept art over at the forum(click to visit).

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