Friday, August 22, 2008

Third prize, the 50% discount on the iZ3D monitor...

Finally! the results for the "Wacky Game Character" 3d challenge (i took part in recently) came out this morning.
:D :lol: :yikes: :ko: :up: :cheers: to all the winners! and a big thanks to all the others for the support and critiques on the forums.

First prize, the iZ3D 22" monitor, goes to:
Grant Moore for his spear throwing ogre!

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Second prize, the AMD 4800 series GPU, goes to:
Pawel Kryszak for his gun toting frog alien!

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Third prize, the 50% discount on the iZ3D monitor , and a copy of the Flatout 2 game goes to:
Chaitanya Krishnan for the robots on wheels!

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heres the anaglyph stereo vision image(use red+blue glasses)

The four runner ups who won Unreal Tournament 3 by Epic Games include:

The Minotaur With the Axe by Karoline Haugseth
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The Ballet Wrestler(my favourite entry :p ) by Mateusz Grybczynski
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The Red Alien by Jasdeep Singh
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Motorcycle Man by Ravi Yadav
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One piece of work had to be disqualified because it didn't work as a wacky video game character. However, The judges were so impressed by the CG and stereoscopic 3D skill shown with the work, that they created a new division called "The Best Technical Implementation Prize"

Bendik Slyngstad has won a 22" iZ3D monitor for his sexy snake-mermaid-medusa surrounded by sharks.

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click for the list of all the contestants

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